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Exclusive Cottages for the connoisseur

Founded in the year 2011, Pine N Oaks builds and offers Exclusive Cottages and Vacation Homes in the most exotic locations hidden in the lap of the Mystic Himalayas.

Each of our Estates or residential communities, be it in Ranikhet, Tarikhet, Hartola or Biyasi, is only for those who savour fine living and value the environment as well.

Well spaced out cottages, amidst stepped Peach, Apricot, Plum and Pear orchards surrounded by lofty Pine, Oak and Deodar forests all around, with numerous perennial water springs and a rivulet flowing below, ensure that you live in the most exclusive environment, free from noise, air and water pollution. Our customer choose their locations and we help build their dream homes with our experience and technology.

With a panoramic view of many famous peaks of the Himalayas, located in the fruit belt of Kumaon, the estates rest at a height above 5500 ft, witnessing snowfall during the fall months. So if you are planning to own a property in the hills, buy a cottage or own your dream villa then connect with us today.

Each development or community is conceived, planned and designed by a team of well known professionals, architects and environmentalists, providing latest amenities and facilities, with fool proof security, and conforming to IGBC green standards.
We invite you to come and check out one of our innovative show homes today and see why Pine N Oaks Cottages are where the best begins!


At PNO we take the lead to bring you the best in Steel Structures, Pine Wood and Innovative Hybrid Technologies.



Years of Experience

In order to compete, we at PNO constantly look to shift toward technology that can be a strategic long term asset.




Find out more about the community you are going to live in.


The Ranikhet Pine N Oak Estate is situated near a village called Tarikhet on a hill, spanning about 110 acres. The hill is geographically placed East to West giving each plot a full view of the glorious snow peaks like Haathi Parvat, Trishul, and Chota Trishul and is surrounded by lofty Pine, Oak and Deodar forests all around. The acquired land also consists of stepped Peach, Apricot, Plum and Pear orchards.

There are numerous perennial water springs and a rivulet flows below the property.

Ranikhet Uttarakhand


Discover Biyasi a quaint village resting atop a range along the Kosi river. It sits at a height of 5000 ft. with pleasant temperatures year round. The village is located south of Garampani (NH 87) and is 30 km from Bhowali or Ranikhet. Pinenoaks has selected this site because of its picturesque views all around.

The river goes around the hill offering views on three sides. North offers the snow peaks – a view totally breath taking! There are Apricot, Peach and Pear orchards all over.

Uttarakhand plots
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