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Why buy more when you don't need it. It applies to homes as well. Bachelors, spinsters, just married, small families & the elderly retired have different needs at different times in life and many times one is looking for compact living. The world calls them cabins & studios but we at PNO design them so smartly with a keen eye on functionality that they are no less than big cottages 

Living in big cities and metros is a strain on ones wallet and health. With that in mind we have designed this series in our Estate to give the owners every thing they need to live a more healthy & affordable life not losing or missing any of the charm or facilities. Each unit comes with a dedicated work station for two people.


Small yet fearless, the Himalayan drongo is a cheerful little bird, frolicking about in the pine and cedar forests of the region. Our studio is an architectural portrait of the bird. Small but fun and inviting.

Studio built area - 437 sq. ft. ; Plot area - 1080 sq.ft. or 120 sq. yards.



Steppe eagles are renowned birds with sharp eyes and fearsome features. The cottage pays a tribute to these birds of prey, with a single roof and striking facade features that will add to the beauty of the surrounding. Call your closest friends and find yourselves nestled together in the forests of the Steppe Eagles.

Cottage built area - 576 sq. ft. ; Plot area - 1080 sq.ft. or 120 sq. yards.



The Barbet is a uniquely styled cottage that adds flair to the usual duplex cottage. It comes with a dedicated workspace that looks out to the Himalayan snow peaks, the nesting place of the beautiful Blue-throated barbet.

Cottage built area - 834 sq. ft. ; Plot area - 1620 sq.ft. or 180 sq. yards.



The yellow nape woodpecker calls the Himalayan valley it’s home. With a yellow crown the bird behaves like royalty. The woodpecker cottage is designed and styled so that you feel like the king of the valley below looking over the hill.

Cottage built area - 713 sq. ft. ; Plot area - 2160 sq.ft. or 240 sq. yards.