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It is no secret that technology is constantly evolving and rapidly changing the landscape of many different industries. This ranges from increasing the efficiency of day-to-day operations to manufacturing new and advanced high-tech products.  Typically, it’s the companies that have the ability to adapt and embrace technological change that ultimately survive the competitive business climate.

Historically, the overall construction industry has been slow to integrate change into their business models. However, early adopters understand the benefits of embracing new technological advancements as they look to gain an edge on their competition.  In order to compete, we at PNO constantly look to shift toward technology that can be a strategic long term asset.

Technology is changing the industry in two key ways:

Creating more efficient day-to-day operations – Gone are the days when project managers would manually draw up project outlines, lists, illustrations, and tasks for their teams. Mobile technology and project management software has allowed them to do this much more efficiently than in previous years.

Shifting toward smarter building structures – Despite reluctance by some in the construction industry to change, consumer pressure to keep up with demand of smart designs and structures will ultimately dictate a shift to new technologies for many companies. Again at PNO we take the lead to bring you the best in Steel Structures, Pine Wood and Innovative Hybrid Technologies.




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