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Galli - (Almora)

A Painter's canvas

Galli is an inviting little hamlet in Almora. Blessed with green pastures, a dreamy landscape and a perennial rivulet, the land seems as if come to life from an impressionist painting. With the world outside running a wild goose chase amidst the cacophony of smoke dust and disease, Galli is a haven of an organic life lived in clean, green and peaceful meadows.

Grow exotic kiwis or everyday potatoes. Enjoy your cows grazing or your horse prancing. Nobody here will have an idle time.

A small market is half a km away and offers all daily needs, provisions, ATMs, vegetables etc. Set a little north of Ranikhet on the Almora road it has the same climate with maximum and minimum temperatures ranging between 30°C / 15°C in Summers and 8°C / 1°C in Winters.


The Kumaon Steppes


Galli is one of the places that are still hidden in the magnificent Himalayas. It is not a touristy place at all –

no hustle, no bustle, and no noise. Resting at a height of 5000 ft, it and 9 km north of Majkhali it has the same climate that of Ranikhet.

  • Road – 6-7 hour drive from Delhi – 360km.

  • NH 24 & 87 connect Delhi, Moradabad, Rampur, Lucknow, Kanpur & other cities.

  • Rail – There are trains from Delhi, Lucknow, Agra & Dehradun.

  • The nearest train station is Kathgodam & Ramnagar, both 80 km from the site.

  • Air – The closest airport is Pantnagar about 120 km from Galli.


Hi-Tech Farms


This is a development in the form of a small community. The Farm houses are
spaced out across acres. This gives a density of 1 cottages per Hectare. The idea is to provide an
opportunity for family, friends & professionals,  to make a self sustaining organic village. We have a range of
cottages to choose from that have been carefully selected and the construction technology used ensures
that you get the future delivered in the present.

  • Farms from 2 to 5 Acres.

  • Customised two, three, four, .... bedroom options with choice between Light Steel & Russian Pine wood construction.

  • A two Acre Club next door with more out door fun than the usual indoor. Jogging tracks & Adventure sports.

  • Electronic security with SMS reporting.

  • Rental Income options.

  • House keeping, kitchen, and horticultural services.

Green Investment Plans

Why Organic?


Adopting an organic lifestyle means changing the way we think about the food, clothing, personal care products and so many things we use on a daily basis, yet its the most important and positive choice one makes for ones health. The same applies to your financial health too. Investing in Organic Agro Real Estate is ensuring good health and security for your money.


Organic agriculture has always been India’s inherent strength and advantage. Recent growing awareness of the benefits of organic food has resulted in a shift in the global consumption patterns. Increasing health awareness among consumers, and the realisation of the significance of sustainability dawning on people, is pitching organic products to the forefront in both, the international as well as the domestic market. Good food is the basic - principal - primary - cardinal - chief - pivotal - root - key necessity of man and is above all economic downturns and pandemics.

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Risk free investment.

ever increasing demand

Earn annual returns.

guaranteed returns from agri produce

Enjoy tax free benefits.

agricultural income is tax exempted

Partner in organic agriculture.

an industry safe from economic recessions and pandemics

Own an organic farm.

an appreciating tangible freehold asset

PNO Organic Farms

State-of-the-Art Technology driven Farms

What makes our farms special?

Modern farms and agricultural operations work far differently than those a few decades ago, primarily because of advancements in technology, including sensors, devices, machines, and information technology. These advanced devices and precision agriculture and automated systems allow businesses to be more profitable, efficient, safer, and more environmentally friendly.


PNO Organic Farms will be using drip irrigation using drippers and dripper lines, micro sprinklers and special emmiters. Precision fertigation and screened water quality for better crop management. Each farm is a self sustaining model complete with its own security, water, electricity, stock & equipment sheds & living quarters for the farm workrs.

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Actual Site Photographs

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