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Vacation homes - A Luxury or Necessity?

Once a luxury enjoyed by the Royals & business tycoons is now the common man's necessity.

Big or small vacation homes are a growing necessity.

Every once in a while you need to get away from the grind to catch your breath, to relax and renew your depleted energy levels. This get away has now become a necessity for one to be able to cope with the rigors and pressures of corporate life. You need to get away, not for a day or two, but for a whole month, or at least two whole weeks. The high pressures of work life necessitate vacations. Otherwise, productivity suffers.

Why do you need a long vacation, and why a short holiday won’t be enough. When you are really stressed out, you take an afternoon or a full day off, or even a weekend, and then back to the grind on Monday. Sometimes you may go white water rafting or snorkelling for a week and call it a vacation. But, is it? It may be a break or a change of scene and pace. You may have some great experiences, but you really don't get to relax, to unravel those entangled nerves and come back rejuvenated. Your holiday is not a real vacation, it is just time off from work.

According to Psychology Today, a vacation should be at least two weeks long, but a month is better. Psychology Today explains that it takes the mind several days to unplug from home and office and plugs right back in a few days before the holiday is about to end. This plugging prefix and suffix to the vacation takes away 4 days. Add a day or two travelling time to and from the destination and you have lost about a week of your holiday. So it makes sense to take a two week holiday so that you get at least a week to relax and enjoy. If you spend that precious one week in a cramped hotel room, there is no way you are going to feel rejuvenated. Instead, spend that same week in a spacious cottage with a garden all around at a property that has a spa, gym and sporting facilities on demand, and you will go back home feeling revitalised and ready to take on whatever challenges work and home may throw at you.

At least once a year one needs to get away from the grind of both, workplace and the home, and spend some time relaxing in a place that feels like home, but is free of the worries of home. Hotels do not fit the bill. The space is cramped, and the view of the scenery outside is restricted to a window. A secure cottage in a private estate is the ideal place to spend a vacation. The cottage is just like home, and you have a garden all your own, and plenty of space in the neighbourhood to breathe easy and just chill out. You can relax on your cottage deck sipping coffee and watching snow clad mountains in the distance. You can go out trekking, rock climbing, white water rafting. No hotel could give you the comfort and convenience that a cottage you call your own can. Vacation cottages are no longer a luxury, they have become a necessity.

Reference: Vacations Are A Necessity, Not A Luxury. (2012). Psychology Today.

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